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"Making a Real Difference In Real Lives"

Le Cheile Africa is a non-profit organization NGO Reg No in Kenya , OP.218/051/17-250/10860 / Charity No. In Ireland RCN: 20204974

Together we are working towards a better tomorrow. A better place for the children of Kenya to call home, a place where people are supported despite their medical needs, a place where people are safe and able to provide for their families. A place where no child cries in hunger or pain.



“Le Chéile Twasonga Mbele –Together We Move Forward”

"Le Cheile Africa was established as a non-profit organization

(NGO Reg No, OP.218/051/17250/10860 in Kenya / Charity No. In Ireland RCN: 20204974) number ) by Derry Desmond and his partner Mary Kigo  
Mary has been working in the Charity / non-Profit sector for over 10 years plus now on the Ground in Kenya and knows 1st hand the real issues that need to be addressed on a day to day basis. Mary also received a Head of State Commendation Head of State Commendation (HSC) Award in 2018 for her heroic bravery on the night of the Dam disaster in Solai 

Derry has been volunteering throughout his life in Ireland on various projects / in the last 4/5 years has experienced 1st hand the needs of society on the ground in Kenya on his numerous trips 

Le Cheile Africa  four-pronged approach is as follows;

* Encourage community participation.

* Build healthier lives by enhancing the dignity and quality of life.

* Identify projects, resources and assist in their coordination.

* Enable self sustainability to all we assist

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Martin Luther

“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”



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