What We Do


The Clinic Officially Opened April 5TH 2018

Operates 24 hours 7 days a week

The Clinic was opened to fill a void in the Community now ensuring  everyone has access to Health care regardless of ones means 

Provides the following services currently  to the Residents  of Solai and Surrounding Communities

# Out Patient Services
# Lab Services
# Maternal Child Health
# Therapy
# Counselling
# HIV/AIDS care ,
# Mobile Medical Out Reach's & Clinic

Le Cheile Heath Care plan enables all in the Community Access to Health Care on their Door Step , treated with compassion care and love.

Le Cheile hope to continue to expand their Services as funds allow in the future.IE Dental / XRAY /Ultrasound / Maternity / Inpatient


Whistle Day Centre Officially opened in Feb 2020 

The Day Centre Is Supported and Funded By WHISTLE Ireland 

  • The Centre welcomes 15 Children with various disability's Monday to Friday 

  • Children arrive from 6.30am onwards with official starting time of 8am / Centre closes at 5pm but class's finish at 3.30 pm The additional hours are there to enable family's get to work etc.

  • We also help Children with Transport to and from Day Care Centre 

  • The Children receive 2 meals a day while at the Centre and ongoing therapy regarding their Disability

  • Special Needs Teacher

  •  Practical and attainable goals set for each Child 

  • Where possible aim is for a child to progress to main  stream school

  • The families of these Kids are also supported with food etc. to ensure all members of the family have a stable diet

  •  Aim is to help the Children learn life sustainable skills to help them in Adult life 


This Unit was set up in 2020  to help Le Cheile become a step closer to being self sustainable while also training the local community the benefits of Zero Grazing etc.
This unit all ready is helping us provide Milk for our Food Security Program
Also have rented a 4 acre farm to help grow crops for this Unit 
Unit is Currently home to our Cows who are a big part of the Le Cheile family named  Daisy .Annie, Dorchas ,Bo ,Burnsy  ,Tersa plus our Heifes/Calfs .Dessie, Buttercup ,Saoirse and Elda plus her friend not named yet
Plus also home to Chickens / 2 Geese a few Turkey chicks and 3 goats , 1 sheep and a few Rabbits


Aim is to enable a child access Education ,Medical aid, Clothing ,Proper Nutrition , Shelter/safe house and mentorship

# We have identified 25 children in need of this program

(Sadly the tip of the iceberg as they say )

# 12 Children are currently sponsored in this program

#Aim is to Mobilise support via Social Media

#Any expression of interest once people are vetted will send on info privately as dealing with minors here


A self funding pilot  project where the aim is to upgrade or Build new homes for 3 to 4 vulnerable families every year

In 2020 one home was upgrade thanks to the support of Abbey Mobility as World Wide Covid 19 travel restrictions put this project on hold not allowing volunteers travel

This project is Financed by Funds raised by Volunteers prior to there visit to Kenya to Complete same .

Full Details if Interested in becoming part of this Project available on request 

This project also helps the family set up a sustainable project to suit there needs be it General Farming . having Chickens or setting up a small shop

This year 2020 one home was rebuild with old house being demolished (was unsafe and in a structurally dangerous condition)

Thy now have a New 2 bedroom home with living room /Separate Kitchen /Pit Lanterns –Washrooms and a self contained one room flat .Also  landscaped and garden planted with beans /potatoes and maize


This Disability program was set up before Le Cheile Clinic opened and is  now in operation from late 2017  

Now has over 120 Plus members between Le Cheile’s 2 Disability groups

All the Groups  Medical ,Physical, Mental Needs are covered for by Le Cheile

This includes Therapy and seeing Specialist Consultants where needs be

These groups have monthly Socials where by people get to meet, Socialize  ,along with training programs and Table Banking (Mini Credit Union)

# Self Sustainable programs  

# KuKu (Chicken)Project

# Fruit Tree Planting

# Education programs from Zero Grassing Farming to Soap making

# Plus Support to other family members Via Education Costs Food support  etc.


This Sisters Of Bons Secours Ireland Clean Water Project this project started in January 2020

Over 500L are given out Free daily helping over 30 families every day

This project operates Monday to Saturday

To sum it up “Water is Life


This program evolved from our Food support we offer to members of the Day Care Centre and members of our 2 Disability groups
# Covid 19 restrictions have really effected the community
In Reality No Work Means - No Money i.e. No Food
# We currently support over 150 additional families monthly in this Food Security program with Food parcels etc.
# Hopefully once this pandemic is under control the demand for this program will ease some bit


# A program designed for inclusion for boys and girls under 16
# Soccer, Hurling, Rounders , Volleyball .Rugby ,Running plus Fun games
#This program also supports the local Adult Soccer teams
# Fun Blitzs . Social days
# Held ever Saturday 1.30pm to 4pm


# Environment Education Program aim at Local kids 2021

# Upgrade of Clinic ongoing i.e. Additonal Services -Dental / XRAY /Ultrasound / Maternity / Inpatient

#Expansion Of Whistle Day-care unit i.e. Sleep / Dark and Sensory Rooms

#Disability Training Centre

#Foster Home For Venerable Children as Currently have 4 Children in Le Cheile Care Fulltime with Mary and Derry

#Elderly Home

#Mental Health /Rehab Facility

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